I am a digital comic artist. Most of my work has a cartoon-like style, featuring strong linework and bold colors / lighting.
When commissioning me, please keep this in mind. I do painted styles as well, but this is a rarer occurrence and these will only be offered as commissions on occasion.I am able to draw any characters, I do not specialize in any one type of design.This, however, does not mean I will draw everything. Illegal content, extreme fetish art, and hateful content are never going to be available to commission from me.

My prices range from $20 for simple portrait work, to upwards of $150+ for fully realized illustrations with rendered scenery, characters, and more.
My prices are typically done on a flat, scaling basis. I nearly always price in multiples of five for simplicity.Besides base prices for each commission type, there are additional complexity fees, which depend on what I'm being asked to draw. If the design or desired scenery would take longer than average to draw, It is highly likely to incur an additional fee to cover the extra time spent.On the contrary, commissions of particularly simplistic subjects may be given discounts off the base price.




Artwork that is simply the base colors of the character, with little to no shading present.
This option is always going to cost the least for commissions.

Shading that covers the basic blocked in shadows and some slight additional highlights where necessary.

This will have everything, multi-layered shading, highlights, and effects.

I can also do rough / noise linework, if requested specifically. This is free and just an extra option.
Complex backgrounds are not covered under portrait or fullbody. Those fall under Full Illustration.


Medium (left) and Simple (right)
Complex (below)


A drawing of a subject from the shoulders up. May have a simple background. Flat color, gradient or pattern backgrounds are free.
Flat Color | $20
Basic Shading | $25
Full Shading | $30
Simplicity Discount | $-5
Complexity Fee | $5 - $10
+ Simple Background | $10

A drawing of the entire subject. May have a simple or medium background. Flat color, gradient or pattern backgrounds are free.
Flat Color | $30
Basic Shading | $40
Full Shading | $50
Simplicity Discount | $-10
Complexity Fee | $10 - $20
+ Simple Background | $15
+ Medium Background | $25

A drawing that includes a complex background and foreground scenery at the very least. May include one or several character subjects as well.

Simple Designs

Medium Designs

Complex Designs

A custom-designed character for you.
Is a flat color fullbody by default.
Added shading is extra - with shading you will still also get the flats for reference purposes.
A small, very simple design
Base Price | $15
+ Basic Shading | $5
+ Full Shading | $10
An average design, most customs will be here.
Base Price | $30
+ Basic Shading | $5
+ Full Shading | $10
+ Alt Palette | $5 - $10
+ Alt Form | $25
Designs that have many complex details such as large wings, highly detailed markings or bodies, and more.
Base Price | $45
+ Basic Shading | $10
+ Full Shading | $15
+ Alt Palette | $5 - $15
+ Alt Form | $30

Do you want to commission me, but can't find what you're looking for? Contact me! I may be willing to work out a special order for you! Just let me know!
For Kovanath custom prices, check the relevant posts, as these only open periodically!


BY COMMISSIONING ME, YOU ARE AGREEING TO THE TERMS OF SERVICE BELOW.I. GENERAL TERMS.When you're ordering a commission, please do not act rude or demanding towards me, and absolutely do not haggle with me about my pricing. I am not obligated to accept your commission, and harassing me about it will bar you from commissioning me in the future. To commission me, use the contact info below, discord takes priority, please contact me there if possible.II. PAYMENTAll commissions must be paid upfront. You are allowed to ask for a refund as long as I have not made significant progress in drawing your commission. My refund policy is as follows: I will not refund after I've sent the client the linework stage, unless it is a serious emergency on either my or the client's part.III. PROCESSI will always send a WIP sketch to confirm with you that I have drawn what you want correctly. I will not continue until I receive feedback from you, so I don't have to backtrack with my work, and to make sure you are satisfied.IV. CUSTOMER SATISFACTIONIf anything is wrong with my drawing, you may ask for minor changes free of charge. If a change is large enough to heavily alter the image, or require a redrawing, there will be a fee. I will try not to let major changes become necessary by keeping you updated on the progress of the commission. (See Section III)V. COPYRIGHT / USAGE POLICYI, the artist, hold copyright to the produced drawing
My art will always have my signature on it. I will not provide versions without it, except for the rare occasion where I forget to add it.
The client can;
Request that I do not post the artwork publicly
Use the copyrighted artwork for personal use only unless agreed otherwise.
Print the art, and claim the right of their character(s) but not the drawing itself.
Use the art to promote themselves with proper credit given to me.
Post on websites such as with credit to me, CHELRY
I, as the artist, will never;
Claim the character as my own,
Use your character for personal use.
The following is considered Copyright Infringement:
Reproducing/using the artwork commercially without my permission.
Taking credit for the creation of the artwork.
Altering the artwork without my permission.
Removing my signature from the artwork.
If you break the copyright infringement in any way, every right you had to the drawing will be retracted.VI. CANCELING/REFUNDING POLICYThere is a period between the time I start my work and when you send the payment that a refund is possible. If you ask for a refund, future commissions will likely be tentative to avoid this happening in the future.Once the art is fully lined, you may not receive a refund. This is to avoid me putting in work and getting nothing for it. If a serious emergency arises for either me or you, that is a special case, and I am 100% willing to discuss refunds.


You can reach me in the following placesDiscord | @fish hook!#4076
[preferred method of contact]
DeviantArt | | CHELRYWhen contacting me, please try to give me as much information as possible about what you want to commission. The more you tell me, the more likely you are to get a product you're satisfied with!